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Li Ning and Anta, the spokespersons of domestically produced sneakers, have been working on things. In the past, Li Ning and Wade jointly produced the Wade Road series, followed by Anta and Thompson, Marvel and other cooperation KT4 and tyrants. But several other domestic brands seem to be quiet, and there has been no action! 361° is also a well-known sports brand in China. It hasn’t heard the news for a long time. It is really not chanting. 361° has launched its own new sneakers, full of Chinese style, I don’t know if I can challenge Nike’s new products. Adapt BB!

BIG3 is good as a 361° professional basketball shoe series, but 361° is not satisfied with a single basketball shoe. The latest release of the 361° BIG3 professional basketball shoes full of Chinese style color is the 361° Chinese traditional porcelain in Jianyang, Fujian, in its hometown, Jianye, designed to inspire the combination of Jianye’s features and BIG3. This new BIG3 was born!

361° BIG3 is known as “one pair of each pair”. In fact, it is the unique iron tire of Jianye and the unique texture of porcelain elements, which makes each pair look unique, plus the full use of Feibai The color of the veins, black and white plus thick ink, so that the texture of the entire body can not be copied. Since it is a basketball shoe, the 361° BIG3 Jianye can’t lose the performance of the basketball shoes. The cushioning aspect uses the BOUND state bomb technology. The anti-twist system is equipped with UNTURN at the arch. The most important thing is to match the outsole. The anti-rollover structure design fully guarantees the safety of the foot when playing basketball!

If there is only this, it is not attractive enough. The 361° BIG3 building has a large number of TPU materials at the heel, and the stability is further guaranteed. At the same time, the outsole adopts a wear-resistant herringbone texture, and at the middle waist, a pulse system bionic human plantar fascia is added, which provides strong support for grip, rapid movement and arch. The shoes people are most concerned about the price, currently 499, just released, fresh energy is still hot!

Nike’s main theme, Adapt BB, is the most attractive shoe lover’s automatic lacing function, which allows you to automatically adjust to the appropriate tightness when you play, I don’t know how many people bring the gospel! Exaggerated is that you can also connect the mobile phone, set the tightness of the whole upper through its own application, and also change the color of the light in the midsole. So smart, the key value is still so high!

Nike Adapt BB can be more than this. In terms of material, the upper is made of high-strength Flyknit woven material, the upper support is not troublesome, and the midsole is equipped with the same Cushlon foam technology as Kobe 7 Strong. There is no need to worry about cushioning. AF1 is used for the outsole. The concentric design, the outer edge of the outsole has horizontal stripes to add grip support, a proper basketball artifact. And Nike’s testing is very strict, so the new color matching Nike Adapt BB is very mature! I really want to take a try!

As for the price, it is more than five times more expensive than the 361° BIG3 Jianye version, and it is sold at home! Although the Nike Adapt BB’s face value and high technology are much higher than the 361° BIG3 Jianye version, the price is not affordable for the average person! Anyway, I can’t afford it.

Cheap Nike Shoes